About Us

Helping make metal roofing companies in Southeast PA be more efficient and profitable since 2013.

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About Us

Helping make metal roofing companies in Southeast PA be more efficient and profitable since 2013.

It all started in 2013 when we began providing on-site roll forming services for standing seam metal roofing under the name Glick Metals LLC. Having had years of installation experience, we understood how hard it was to find consistent metal roofing supplies with consistent turnaround times. And we all know what happens when we are waiting for roofing materials - profitability decreases while the job queue gets backlogged.

That's why we purchased our own metal roll forming machine and state-of-the-art trim brake.

As we worked with more metal installers, we quickly discovered there was a need for high-quality standing seam metal panels and supplies with a more consistent turnaround times in the greater Lancaster County and Chester County areas.

In 2023, Glick Metals became True Legacy Metals.

We are committed to continuing to offer quality standing seam metal roofing products, and on-site roll forming and provide a knowledgeable and friendly staff to assist our clients.

As former roofers ourselves, we understood the challenges of getting exact measurements during the sales process or losing efficiency if your installers needed to do a lot of trimming and cutting on the job site. Our on-site roll forming service allows your team to focus on installation, increase efficiency, improve profitability, and decrease backlog times!

Our team is here to help make all your standing seam metal roofing projects successful. Call us today to see what's possible for your next job!

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Our Purpose:

To provide a quality standing seam metal product along with product and contractor support at a competitive price.

We Make Quality Metal Roofing Easy

1 - Call Us

Call us and talk to us about your metal roofing project.

2 - Provide Details

Give us your project specs including colors, trim list, and quantities.

3 - Schedule

Schedule your on-site roll forming, delivery, or pickup.

Be confident in your standing seam roofing products!

We provide the metal fabrication, supply, and roll forming you need to be more efficient and profitable!

Metal Roofing Supply & Fabrication

We control the whole process to ensure quality and faster turn around times.

On-site Metal Roll Forming

Enjoy faster and more efficient installations with less cutting and trimming.

Custom Metal Trim Bending

Wow your customers with the trim pieces that go perfectly with the project.