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Standing Seam Metal Roofing Supplies & On-site Roll Forming in Lancaster County

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Are you ready to make your metal roofing installations more efficient?

As a metal roofer, do you find yourself facing the following:

  • Struggling with long lead times for projects?
  • Frustrated with not always having accurate measurements and needing to trim panels?
  •  Concerned when you have to rent heavy equipment to unload or move materials on residential jobs?

We control our own metal fabrication and provide on-site roll forming so that you experience shorter lead times, don't need extra equipment at the job, and don't need extra measuring or trimming! 

It's time to re-imagine metal roofing supply & installation!

With 10+ years of experience, an experienced sales team, and on-site roll forming, our team is ready to make your metal roof installations easier than ever.

Quality standing seam roofing materials

More efficient roof installations

Faster turn-around times

On-site roll forming means less measuring & cutting

Complete control over fabrication

Stay on your installation schedule!

We Make Quality Metal Roofing Easy

1 - Call Us

Call us and talk to us about your metal roofing project.

2 - Provide Details

Give us your project specs including colors, trim list, and quantities.

3 - Schedule

Schedule your on-site roll forming, delivery, or pickup.

A Better Standing seam roofing experience

We understand that you are looking for more than just quality when you order your metal roofing supplies.

As a contractor, you are also looking for a supplier who can help you make the best decisions for your projects, provide a consistent product on time, and stands behind the product they manufacture and deliver.

At True Legacy Metals, our 10+ years of standing seam roofing experience and in-house fabricating allow us to provide you with the best when it comes to sales, advice, and product!


Our team has over 10 years of experience working in the metal roofing supply industry.


We replace any panels or parts that are not fabricated or roll formed correctly.


No matter your standing seam metal needs, our team does our best to make it possible.


We control the complete process to ensure the best quality metal components.

Quick Turn Arounds

We work hard to keep your crew on schedule with turn around times as fast as 2-3 days for residential jobs.

Your Local Standing Seam Metal Supplier In Lancaster County, PA

Many metal roofers are concerned about panel supply lead times, having inaccurate panel measurements, or needing extra equipment to unload and uncrate materials on the job site.

At True Legacy Metals, we fabricate our own metal for shorter lead times, and we offer on-site roll forming for more accurate panels, less cutting, and more efficient installs!

At True Legacy Metals, we know you want to be confident in your metal roofing product and be known as a master in metal roofing.

Problems can often pop up, however, when you find yourself with long panel lead times, need extra equipment to unload and uncrate the panels on the job site, or find out your measurements weren’t 100% accurate which results in your crew wasting time with extra trimming.

We think that every metal roofer deserves to have top-quality metal panels on time and a way to install them that doesn’t require extra equipment, measuring, or trimming.

That’s we offer on-site roll forming and control the whole production process with our own metal fabrication: so that you get your panels faster and don’t need to worry about getting the measurements perfect!

With over 10 years of experience, our experienced sales team has the knowledge to make sure you have the right product for your project. We also stand behind our products and will replace any panel not manufactured or roll formed correctly.

You don’t need to worry about long lead times that get you behind schedule or dealing with inaccurate panel measurements.

Instead, work with True Legacy Metals and enjoy top-quality standing seam roofing products, experienced sales and product support for your projects, fast turnaround times, and the option for on-site roll forming for more accurate panels, less cutting, and an overall more efficient installation!